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What is Content Marketing - And Should You Invest in it Today?
Content marketing, according to the Content Marketing Institute is an innovative marketing technique of:
... creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

In other words, take all of discussion and problem solving your product team mapped out when designing your products and solutions, and turn it into content for your target prospects to consume.
What Content Marketing Can Do For You
Content marketing can position your company as the thought leader in your industry, becoming the go-to source for strategy, direction and quotes. And in the process, it will raise awareness of your products and services among your prospects.
Adblade content marketing
Adblade distributing your content
Distributing Your Content
Use our non-interruptive content ads – NewsBullets™ to distribute your subject matter expertise.
NewsBullets™ get 3-5x better performance than traditional online banner ad approaches.
Complement Your Social Media Marketing
Content marketing also amplifies your social media and viral marketing efforts. Here’s how: All the content you create to garner likes and shares on can be pushed out into the greater web.
Leverage our NewsBullets™ ad format for your social media content, with links that lead directly to your Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ or other pages.
Adblade rocket up your engagement
Rocket up Your Engagement
You work hard to get amazing content on the web, now work with Adblade to ensure your content is read. We're the web's most innovative news ad network with hundreds of ultra premium news publishers.
Amplify All Types of Content
Adblade can work with many different types of content,and can get it in front of millions of targeted users, including:

  • Earned media from press efforts and product reviews
  • Internally hosted corporate blog posts
  • Videos
  • Mobile optimized content
  • Advertorials hosted by one of our publisher partners
Adblade amplify all types of content
Work with the Leaders in Content Marketing
  • Most innovative news content network with hundreds of premium publishers
  • NewsBullet™ Headline Ad Unit – Has 3-5X the engagement than banner ads
  • Effortless Optimization – Our system automatically optimizes your content to reach your ideal targeted user
  • Experienced Industry Leaders have worked with hundreds of brands
  • Comprehensive sales funnel marketing – Adblade’s multiple advertising products deliver results, regardless of where in the sales process your customers are in
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