How can I get approved to show ads?
Adblade is very selective about the publishers that we work with and can only approve a small percentage of the sites that apply. Due to the large number of publisher sign ups we have each day, we can only evaluate those publishers that generate over 500,000 page views a month. Your website will be reviewed in 1-2 business days after you sign up. If your site meets Adblade's requirements we will contact you with the next steps.
How can I get the best CPMs?
The best way to ensure the highest CPMs is to ensure your site is getting real traffic. About half the traffic on the Web today is not real. This includes bots, crawlers and other mechanized forms of traffic. Be careful about where you purchase traffic from as there are vendors that sell mechanized or automated traffic. Adiant is well aware of these vendors and weeds out this fake traffic. The quality of your audience is the largest factor in determining the value of the ads on your site. If offers do not convert for advertisers, then bids are lowered and quickly blocked altogether.
What is the best way to integrate the ad units?
Below article ad units should be integrated directly below the content or post of your site. Adding promos, author bios, comments or other widgets above the Adiant ad unit will significantly reduce CPMs. This is because most of your users won't even see the ad unit. People scroll very slowly through content and when they get to the end they stop. When they get to the comments that means they have reached the end of the page. So for units designed to be placed below the post/content, they should be placed directly below. For the 15% of users that want to see or read comments, they already know to scroll down. For right rail units, these should be placed so that the unit appears as close to the middle of the page/content as possible. For "in article" units, they are often placed just after the 2nd paragraph.
How are advertiser's bids determined on my site?
Unless previously blocked, Adiant will run several different types of advertising through your unit(s). This includes paid discovery, direct response and brand advertisers. Each of these advertisers has different conversion goals and might include post click page views, newsletter signup, purchases etc. These post click activities are closely monitored by Adblade and the advertiser. By measuring this post click data advertisers raise or lower flex bids according to the value they derive. Many people believe just that clicking the ad unit or generating many impressions generates revenue and while it may in the very short term (hours), in the mid and long term, bids are lowered both by advertisers and algorithms to account for the empty clicks and impressions. So advertiser bids are determined by the real value they derive from your audience, nothing more. When a publisher's audience is especially valuable and converts for advertisers, bids are raised automatically. Having a flex bid system allows Adiant to pay the highest CPMs to each and every publisher based on the real value generated.
When do payments go out?
Adiant pays "net 30 days" after the end of each calendar month. January earnings are paid March 1st, February earnings are paid April 1st etc. You may receive a check or choose ACH direct deposit. The profile section of your online dashboard contains information for both payment options.
Why have I not received payment?
Adiant is in the business of paying publishers for valid online traffic. Most commonly a publisher may not have received a payment if the account has not uploaded a completed IRS W9 form or if a non-US entity, a W-8BEN international tax form. Either of these forms can be uploaded into the Profile section of your account. This applies to ALL accounts whether US or International and whether you are an individual, sole proprietorship or any other type of corporation. If you have elected to receive payment through ACH through your US checking account, please confirm with your bank representative to ensure the account and ABA routing numbers are accurate. If being paid through ACH, you must have earned at least $100 for payment to be processed. If electing an international bank wire, you must have earned at least $250 for a payment to be processed.
Are reporting and analytics available?
Yes. In your online dashboard you'll notice different colored icons. These icons open new pages to reports which provide access to detailed report. If you do not see colored icons in your account, they may not be enabled for your account. Ask your account representative for more details.
Can I choose which ads go on my site?
It is not possible to have publishers choose individual ads as advertisers pause and restart all the time for all kinds of reasons. Adiant does offer advanced blocking capabilities where we can block certain categories of ads from appearing on your site including ads which may have a sexual theme. Adiant already has a strict policy and will not accept ads with adult themes or anything inflammatory or hate related. Ads for alcohol, tobacco, firearms, reproductive services, gambling are blocked. Additional blocks are available. Ask your account representative for more details.
How do I get an account representative?
Adiant strives to serve publishers or all types and sizes. When a publisher's account earns at least $1000 a month it may become eligible for an account representative to work with by email.
Can I rotate your ads with other providers or with an SSP?
No. Adiant does not want its ads confused with other providers whose advertiser acceptance policy differs from our own. Adiant ad units are designed to be used in fixed positions only without exception.
I have a WordPress site, where do I place the code?
WordPress offers a number of raw code widgets where the Adiant ad code can be placed to properly render on your site. A popular plugin used by hundreds is called Ad Injection. This plugin can be useful in assigning placement in order for the ad to appear above the content header, in the content, below the content or on the right or left rail. Adiant does not offer any technical assistance in placing code as we do not know your systems, templates or setting.
My organization is not in the US, do I still have to upload a tax form?
Yes. Every country offers its version of a tax/business legal entity document which allows your organization to identify itself. In the US this is a W9 but you may want to search your country's W9 equivalent. Without proper documentation, Adiant will not issue payment.
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